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John Cliff Alvarez


Amalgamated illustrator and graphic designer with an interest in both traditional & digital media.
John Cliff Alvarez is a self-taught artist and graphic designer from South Florida who works in a combination of traditional and digital mixed media. As an illustrator, John’s work consists of exploring the mysteries of the occult, esotericism, and the complex practices of alchemy through meticulous studies of anatomy and form. As a graphic designer, his work is greatly influenced by minimalism and digital distortion such as glitch art.

Shortly after receiving his BFA, John begun his career in 2008 producing both art and design work for several clients within the creative industry ranging from local production studios to working with such companies like Paramount Pictures.

John’s other interests includes studying fine art and their techniques, literature, history, philosophy, and exhibiting his personal work regularly.

Clients:  Paramount Pictures, Rakontur

Industry:  Visual Arts, Film, Gaming, Design, Advertisement

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